Thank you for visiting my knitting design site. I am focused on creating wearable garment and accessory knitting patterns for the intermediate to advanced knitter.  I love designs that are timeless, and feature interesting elements that captivate knitter and wearer alike.
My knitting design work and role as co-owner of Hand Dyed Diva Yarn & Fiber are fueled by my passion for color and texture.  I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and am a certified TKGA Master Hand Knitter.  I incorporate my passion for illustration and writing into my work as a knitting designer and Hand Dyed Diva company co-owner.
I have written for a wide variety of publications including Lake Norman Magazine, Mosaic, Charlotte Pride Magazine, Southpark Magazine, and more. I am the author of Play Them Bones, a poetry compendium that won the Wisteria Prize for Poetry in 2006.  My poetry has also been included in Kakalak, and Mourning Katrina.  I also served on the board of the Furious Flower Poetry Center at James Madison University.

In 2022 I was honored to be awarded a Tory Burch lifetime fellowship via the Tory Burch Foundation.  Through that organization I have been honored to meet and work with an incredible cohort of women business owners representing a staggeringly impressive array of industries.  
I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations and am always happy to meet new contacts.  Please reach out via social media or email and let's talk about your ideas.

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